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  • What is THCV?

    THCV is cannabinoid found in cannabis that has unique potential effects including:

    • Appetite Suppression: Contrary to the common belief that cannabis stimulates appetite, THCV may actually reduce appetite. This effect is primarily supported by animal studies. Saorise O’Sullivan, PhD, suggests that THCV's appetite-suppressing properties could be due to its ability to block the CB1 receptor, which is known to stimulate appetite.
    • Weight Management: Research, including a study from 2009, indicates that THCV could help reduce food intake and prevent weight gain in animal models. This could make THCV a compound of interest for weight management research.
    • Glucose Intolerance and Obesity: A 2013 study found that THCV may help reduce glucose intolerance associated with obesity. This suggests potential benefits for managing conditions related to metabolic health.
    • Impact on Food Reward and Aversion: A 2015 human study explored how a single 10 mg dose of THCV affect brain activation in response to food. While THCV increased brain activity related to both appealing (chocolate) and aversive (rotten strawberries) food stimuli, it didn't significantly alter the participants' ratings of the food's pleasantness or their desire for it.

    City Trees THCV Tincture

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