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Established in 2017. The city brings us drive, innovation, and a will to keep pushing forward. The trees bring us connection, clarity, and a grounding that helps heal the world around us. We combine years of expertise in cannabis cultivation, extraction, and distribution to deliver the highest quality THC distillate products in Nevada. Using our proprietary extraction processes  and relentless attention to detail we craft a variety of clean boutique cannabis products that deliver consistent results. Run that trail; find your zen; write that next track. Sustain Your State with City Trees.

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The City Trees team works tirelessly to craft better formulations to help our customers get the most of their experience with our products. Visit our product finder to find your strain and sustain your state.

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Our innovation, extraction, and conversion lab is always pushing the envelope when it comes to crafting our products, with a focus on developing the cleanest, most sustainable practices along the way. Leverage our extensive lab to transform your cannabis or hemp biomass into THC & CBD oils. Our toll processing services can create a wide variety of formulations and consistencies, depending on your needs.

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We apply innovative extraction methods to create medical-grade, premium cannabis products in Nevada that deliver consistent results. Our unique blends provide relief and can help you achieve various effects.



The City Trees Banana Kush Cartridge is amazing.

I'm used to grabbing 1:1 cartridges, but this Banana Kush hits the spot and tastes amazing. The added terpenes gives this a really nice flavor. It honestly tastes like banana. It's helped ease my anxiety and helped me relax. This is an awesome hybrid for a great price if you do your research.

9/10 would recommend it!

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